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Answer (1 of 4): Yes I was starting as Day Trader. I have used my strategy to grow account from 1 EUR ->> 30 EURO this takes me around 4 months. It was risky but all operations 1. Quit trading stocks. That’s a fools game. Trading stocks is what I tried at first - its expensive and you have to pay for privilege to short and day trade. I trade Forex and Futures - those Why is it frequently said that day or swing trading cryptocurrencies is easier than trading Forex? Temporarily, cryptocurrencies are very easy to make a lot of money in. Honestly, it does not Answer (1 of 12): Yes, you can do it. $5 from $ deposit it’s % profit. It will be not easy to make with following Money Management, but possible. Anyway, you have to have some Answer (1 of 2): I had a hard time starting to trade myself. I never knew didn’t know most of the terminology and had no idea where to start or how to ask questions about it. So I started ... read more

Don't be afraid to take a loss! Many will say that trying to day trade is comparable to gambling. In a way you are taking a bet that a particular pair will go up, but I hate the word "gambling. Leave that to the gamblers! Trading Forex can be highly rewarding. If you follow a system that has a great risk to reward and risk management, there is no reason you cannot do well.

Using a prop trading firm is also a great way to day trade Forex because you can trade with a much larger account than usual. We do fund Forex traders. All of our Forex Master Traders get access to our prop firm, so if that is something you are interested in, you can check that out here! Yes, as we mentioned above we do a fx live trading room. Our forex day trading system focuses a lot on price action. Our forex master trader coaches will show you exactly how we trade the markets everyday.

In addition, our prop live forex trading rooms features our prop traders, trading every day. If you would like to see live forex trading room reviews you can see that here.

This is not a free live trading room. We do charge a small monthly fee but, to us, this is completely worth it because of the value you get on a daily basis. In our eyes, this is the best forex trading room available right now. Trading is risky, in general. Nothing is a guarantee. All you can do is find a system that works for you and follow it. Tweaking is always necessary as no one has a true "holy grail" trading strategy.

The Forex market is way faster than stocks. Most stocks typically don't move all that much in a given day. Like stocks, Forex is highly affected by the news. You also are leveraging a lot more with Forex. If you are unsure what leveraging is, babypips has a great article on this topic.

There are many great Forex day trading books. We actually reference a few great books here. I hope some of those questions above interested you in Forex day trading! We got an excellent Forex day trading strategy for you. Trading tools needed for this day trading Forex strategy. You can also try another platform like Tradingview , or NinjaTrader , but we always prefer Meta trader for Forex trading.

We recommend you stick with the 7 major currency pairs which are:. In our example we are using Meta Trader 4 which is the 1 trading platform for Forex traders. We also will be using the EURUSD as an example which is one of the most popular Forex pairs to day trade. We breakdown the best forex strategy with 6 simple rules. Remember we like to keep it simple so it is easy to follow. Also note that this strategy will work on any time frame you prefer to trade it with. Once you select Moving Average, change the MA method to exponential and the period to 9.

Repeat again and add the 20 EMA to the chart. It should be hitting lower lows or higher highs for a sell example. The goal with this strategy now will be to find a break of this trend to the upside. Trend lines are great! If you need help drawing trendlines, feel free to look at this article we went in depth on how to draw them.

Is Day Trading A Waste Of Time Considering The Majority Of Currency Traders Fail 4 Feb Trade Safe during Load Shedding 19 Mar Question From Quora — Is Forex Luck Or Strategy Brain Published by Morne Beukes on 4 Feb Categories Blog. Tags Currency Trading Day Trading Forex Online Trading Trading Account. I love this question. Morne Beukes. Related posts. If your goal is to become a full-time trader, then this in-between stage could be your stepping stone to your end state of trading full-time.

You could use this period to build your bank with the power and magic of compound interest whilst gaining the necessary experience and learning the required lessons that you are going to need when trading full-time. You could also build your bank because the bigger your trading account balance is when you do make the big leap, the better chance you are going to have of making a long-term success of staying a full-time trader in the long-haul.

For example, you can style it to the personal time you need to be at the charts. Check it out here: Become a Price Action Course Student. Tell me what your goals are! Do you dream of leaving your job or what you are doing and your boss? Are you planning on becoming a full-time trader? I would really love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! Johnathon is a Forex and Futures trader with over ten years trading experience who also acts as a mentor and coach to thousands and has written for some of the biggest finance and trading sites in the world.

Good luck traders! Make it green. yeah you are correct and it then turns into an issue where the trader is trying to make such large an unrealistic gains through either far too many trades, or risking far too much money to reach goals they think they should they blow their money. Becoming a full Time Trader is,indeed,my final Goal.

And keeping my Money in the Account is the BEST OPTION. Yes there is a big learning curve, but it is well worth it and just like all things that are worthwhile in life; we only get out what we put in! Thank you Johnathon. It is a very interesting article. I do want to become a full time trader and to give up my full time job once I am confident enough that I can make the equal or more in trading full time. Of course there is a big leaning curve and I am learning and experiencing it every day.

I can proudly say that there are a few people who honestly try to teach others in order to overcome the hurdles and make money and you are one of them. That is why I always read your articles. Keep up your good work. God bless you. Your email address will not be published. Forex Trading for Beginners. Price Action Trading. Forex Charts.

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Trading charts are one of the most important tools in your investing arsenal. But understanding Renko from Heikin Ashi and judging the best intervals from intraday scalping to 5-minutes and 1-hour can be challenging. This guide breaks down the best trading charts in , including bar, candlestick, and line versions. We also explain how to set up and interpret your own. Finally, we share tips on where to get the best free and paid-for charting software.

The leading US trading Exchange. Nadex offer genuine exchange trading to global clients on Binary Options. Fully regulated by the CFTC. com boast a global reputation. Regulated in the UK, EU, US and Canada they offer a huge range of markets, not just forex, and offer tight spreads on a cutting edge platform.

NinjaTrader offer investors futures and forex trading. Use auto-trade algorithmic strategies and configure your own platform while trading with the lowest costs. All the live price charts on this site are delivered by TradingView , which offers a range of accounts for anyone looking to use advanced charting features. There are many different online charts, from Heiken Ashi to Magi and Tick charts.

Your task is to find one that best suits your trading style. Importantly, each chart has its benefits and drawbacks and there are many variations, like points and figures. Day trading using candlestick and bar charts is particularly popular as they provide more information than a simple line chart. One of the most popular types of intraday trading charts is line charts. They give you the closing figure. You still opt for a time frame, but the chart will only display the closing prices for that period, say 5 minutes.

Each closing price will be connected to the next closing price with a continuous line. A line chart helps cut through the noise and offers a brief overview of where the price has been.

They are particularly useful when drawing trend lines because they hide all the trading noise. Most trading charts you see online are bar and candlestick. They give you the most information in an easy-to-navigate format.

Put simply, they show where the price has moved within a specified time period. Bar and candlestick charts will show the cost of the first transaction at the beginning of that 5 minutes, plus the highest and lowest transaction prices during that time.

In addition, you also see the final closing price of any time frame you trade with. Bar charts consist of vertical lines representing the price range in a specified period. The horizontal lines show the open and closing figures. If the opening price is lower than the closing price, the line will usually be black and red. If the opening price is higher than the closing price, the line is green. Bar charts effectively extend line charts, adding the open, high, low, and close.

They remain relatively straightforward to read while giving you some crucial information line charts fail to do. The bars on a tick chart develop based on a specified number of transactions.

So, a tick chart creates a new bar for every transactions, for example. They allow you to time your entries with ease, hence why many claim tick charts are best for day trading.

This means in high-volume periods, a tick chart will show you more crucial information than many other variations. This form of candlestick chart originated in the s in Japan. So, why do investors use them?

Because they filter out a lot of unnecessary information and you get a crystal clear view of a trend. This makes it ideal for beginners. But they also come in handy for experienced traders. The Heiken-Ashi chart will help keep you in trending trades and makes spotting reversals straightforward.

Consider a Renko if you are looking to ease yourself into day trading with charts. This type of chart will only show price movement. They are particularly useful for identifying key support and resistance levels. A Kagi chart needs the reversal amount you specify in percentage or price change. Then, the chart changes direction once the price turns in the opposite direction by the pre-determined reversal amount.

You will see different line widths in a Kagi chart. The line will thicken if the market gets higher than a previous swing. Likewise, the line will thin when it heads below an earlier swing.

They are suitable for day trading because they emphasize the break-out of swing highs and lows. They are also useful for finding support and resistance levels, enabling you to track market bias.

The breakline chart is similar to Renko and Kagi. It shows price movements and omits time intervals. Breakline uses down bars and up bars to illustrate rising and falling prices.

When the price goes up the following line is higher, but if the price falls the next line goes below the previous line. If the price does not move after an elapsed time frame, no line would be drawn.

Online you will see a lot of day trading 1, 5, 15 and minute charts. All charts have a time frame, usually on the x-axis, which will determine the amount of information they display. While most charting options are based on time, some will focus on the number of trades. The most common are:. A 1-minute chart is an example of a time-based option. Every minute, a new price bar will form, showing you the price movements for that minute.

Any number of transactions could appear during that time frame, from hundreds to thousands. Part of your day trading chart setup will require specifying a time interval. If you are not planning to be glued to your screen all day, you will probably want to use a lower time frame. If you plan to be there for the long haul, perhaps a higher time frame would better suit you.

If you are trading for just a few hours, a minute chart will only create a limited number of bars. No matter how good your chart software is, it will struggle to generate a helpful signal with such little information. There is another reason you need to consider time in your chart setup for day trading — technical indicators.

Not all indicators work the same with all time frames. You may find lagging indicators work the best with less volatility, such as moving averages.

You might then benefit from a longer period moving average on your daily chart than if you used the same setup on a 1-minute chart. There is no wrong and right answer when it comes to time frames. When you are reading charts for day trading, just bear these few things in mind. Firstly, how long will you be at your screen, waiting for signals to show? Secondly, what time frame will the technical indicators you use work best with? So, you have set up your chart. But now, you need to get to grips with day trading chart analysis.

Add too many indicators, and you will be left with a sea of colors and lines that will only slow down the decision-making process. Many investors clutter their charts and are left unable to interpret all the data. Instead, consider some of the most popular indicators:.

With thousands of opportunities on your chart, how do you know when to enter and exit a position? Well, you have to look out for the best day trading patterns.

Patterns help you predict future price movements and they work on the basis that history repeats itself. Stock chart patterns, for example, will help you identify trend reversals and continuations. You will usually find two themes in your chart analysis, breakouts and and reversals. The former is when the price clears a pre-determined level on your chart. The latter is when there is a change in a price trend. Other less known options include morning consolidation, late consolidation, little to no price retracement, spring at support, outside bar at resistance or support, pennant, and more.

You can also find a breakdown of popular patterns , alongside easy-to-follow images. It is no news that charts show real-time prices and price history. Taking note of recurring patterns and their outcomes will help solidify a strategy. Technical analysis is the most common reason people use charts. The basics of technical analysis are identifying support and resistance, trends, and trend reversals. Some indicators can help with this, including moving averages, pivots, and MACD.

For traders new to investing, TradingView is one of the best places to view many different charts alongside indicators.

Top 3 Day Trading Indicators You Must Know,Myth #2: Day Trading Is A Man’s Game

July, , Daily latest currency trading analysis and forex market forecast, by forex forum. EURUSD rebounds after an intraday dive below parity at around , for the first time in 20 WebThe truth about day trading - honesty here, no fluff. Polygon (MATIC) Cryptocurrency Price Prediction, Forecast, and Technical Analysis - Sept 28th, justanalysis is creating Cryptocurrency Trading and Technical Analysis Videos | Patreon Monthly 1 oz. Silver giveaway for every 20 Patreon contributors! ******** Short entry from the 13th WebForex day trading is a way to trade currencies on an intraday basis, using shorter-term charts (for example, minute charts). Traders will manage positions over a matter of minutes to hours, often with the assistance of technical tools that can assist with entry and exit points. It’s a way of trading that requires focus and discipline in 60 Minute Chart. The 60 minute chart is still an intraday time frame but less frequently used by day traders since one trading session only consists of a few 60 minute periods. Swing traders often use the 60 minute time frame to zoom closer into the chart. It is an excellent time frame to plan and execute orders more precisely WebForex Trading* Forex Signals* Free forex education,forex signals and robots. 27 Contributors · followers · 10 posts today. Follow Space. About. Posts. Questions. Top. Pinned. Quora User, Marine Engineer at Julius Berger PLC (present) Ude Okoro, Full-time DeFi Degen. at Binance (present) Forex day trading is a way to trade currencies on an intraday basis, using shorter-term charts (for example, minute charts). Traders will manage positions over a matter of minutes to hours, often with the assistance of technical tools that can assist with entry and exit points. It’s a way of trading that requires focus and discipline in ... read more

It all depends on what you want to do at that point in time. Does The Choice Of Trading Indicators Change? You may find lagging indicators work the best with less volatility, such as moving averages. The 2 minute and 3 minut time frame is also often used, but the majority of traders use the 1 minute and 5 minute time frame. Sorry, doesn't work well. We have a great article on risk you can find here if you want to find the best risk management strategy.

When investing your capital is at risk. Does The Choice Of Trading Indicators Change? Question From Quora — Is Forex Luck Or Strategy Brain Published by Morne Beukes on 4 Feb Most stocks typically don't move all that much in a given day, day trading forex quora. We recommend you keep an eye on the big news for that day.